We are Launching Oct 20th

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Upcoming Projects

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1CR Gaming

We plan to design an online gaming center where 1CR tickets are won and used within the games. Future plans include seeking partnerships with third-party game developers to implement 1CR as cross-platform in-game currency.

App Features

1CR Mining

Like Bitcoin, 1CR is mineable. Each block rewards one 1CR ticket to the miner or mining pool that found the block. We're working on making a central mining hub that links to trustworthy, 1CR-approved mining pools so everyone can mine with ease.

App Features

1CR Store

We hope to develop a 1CR gaming store where access to premium content and in-game upgrades are bought using 1 Credit tickets.

1Credit Gaming

Positions Needed

We're in need of some 1CR enthusiasts who would like to work in collaboration with the core project. If you have skills for any of the below positions, please get in touch!

Game Developer

Positions: 2+

Game Design & Development

We need a team of game developers who can create arcade-style games that payout 1CR.


Positions: 1+

Back-end Programmer

If you can help us build systems like 1CR faucets and integrate a payout system into the games, you might be a great fit for our team!

Content Creator

Positions: 3+

Blogging & Community Outreach

Have great writing skills and love interacting with others? Work the front-end of promoting 1CR.

Contact Us

Contact us about questions, suggestions, partnership inquiries, and anything else that's on your mind!